One Final Hop for the Australian Queen of The Skies

Hello IFC! As you all know, Qantas retired their 747’s recently, and with Sydney being featured, it was only fitting to fly this Queen one final time. I have always loved the Qantas livery on the 747 and I hope someday somehow I get to see it in person. I hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Aircraft: Qantas Boeing 747
Flight time: 12hrs 37mins
Server: Expert

Roaring out of sunny Johannesburg

South Africa

After several hours of nothing but the ocean, we get some stunning and rare views of Antarctica

Many hours later after a sunset and complete darkness, the sun begins to rise as we cruise off the coast of Melbourne

Dropping our gear down on final with a Qantas 737 next to us

Touching down one final time as a Qantas 787 taxis to the runway

Parked at the gate as the sun reflects off of the Queen’s tail


The Qantas 747’s will be missed, as well as the KLM 747’s. Great photos there, looks like a nice buttery landing.

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Nice shots! This is personally one of my favourite flights to do with the 747 and it’s sad that us aussies won’t be seeing much 747 action anymore. :(

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I heard @Butter_Boi actually mention butter my life is complete


Thanks! Yes they will all be missed, and about my landing, it wasn’t butter, but it wasn’t bad either 😂

Thank you! It truly is sad😔

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Nice shots! It looks like they’re only temporarily grounded, but it won’t be too longe before they’re gone for good :(

Nice photos! The queen will be missed!