One Engine Taxi in IF

yeah, Im pretty sure average N1 is 40 with 1 engine but I’ll check on that


I do this for realism.

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oh okay, that’s nice to know

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On 4engine aircraft i usually just shut down one of them.

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oh okay, when I do it it’s for the same reason as well :)

I try to taxi with one engine too, wherever possible and whenever it makes most sense to do so.

On FNF days, when we encounter large taxi times, it makes sense if you taxi with one-engine, or more if it’s a quad jet.

Here is a comprehensive guide to One-Engine taxi procedures.


I taxi with one engine if I already can see it is busy and will take while to be first in line, or have to do a long taxi. Just for the extra realistic feeling.

We don’t have engine wear, and we don’t have to pay for the fuel, so at the end, it is just for your own experience

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@Ayush_Mathur Woah! That is actually really helpful!

@ChrisToxz I only really use it depending on

  1. How long taxi is
  2. How busy the airport is
  3. Sometimes airline I’m currently using
  4. Distance of flight

I only do it for the dash because I can only control all throttles at once and it kinda bugs me. I make an exception for the dash because it usually always taxis with one engine anyway.

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Didn’t know the dash could do that as well!

Ive never been on one, only the ATR, but at my home airport, there are a lot of dashes which taxi on one engine.

There is also a setting on the fuel control for having the engine on for elec and hyd and no prop

Believe it or not, most Dash 8 flights i see on the expert server do taxi with 1 engine. I’m used to taxiing with one engine after I land. I’m used to the Westjet and Air Canada procedures 😂


I guess you learn something new everyday

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If you search up a dash 8 throttle quadrant and look at the lever to the right of the engine two throttle, you will see a mark that says: Min 850.

True. Hope you learnt a couple of things from this threa today mate! 😃

yeah, I learnt a lot from this. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful!

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I do it all the time but it helps knowing realistically which engine is shut down because each engine especially on the widebodies serve a specific function and only one is redundant and the other controls steering so if you turn off the engine that controls steering that of course would be no good

yeah, if you are not careful on a 777 those GE90’s will have you doing drifts

I believe in the 747 the 3rd engine is redundant for taxi to the gate and CRJs and the ERJs can shut down engine 1 according to Captain Joe and a couple of his friends who are pilot youtubers.