One color instead flashing for ATC sessions

Okay, instead of have a continuous flashing on your screen that make you stressing a bit more, why not just let the orange color until we see the message. It will better


Are you suggesting that the devs remove the orange color used for ATC message alerts? I don’t quite understand what you’re getting at. :)

I think he means that it shouldn’t flash until we see the message. It should stay orange instead.


Stay orange like this

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I like that. ATC can’t get stressed or else they’ll be the ones causing crashes!

I think the flashing is good. When you see it, you are instantly aware of it and can respond in the best way. Same way with reminders, flashing green is more visible, and makes you react faster.

A trick for ATC: don’t rush to respond ASAP, if it’s busy pilots should be aware that it might take some time before they get an answer. Start from the bottom, and work your way up the list. The first rule of ATC’ing is: keep your head calm. If you get stressed, you will perform much worse. Take it nice and slow, and you’ll do much better!


Ah, I understand and now.

I guess this feature would be cool. I’m usually very stressed out during my ATC sessions.

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New controllers need sometimes to go step by step…

Especially at TS1 KLAX when 10 aircrafts contact you on ground at the same time then 10 others on Tower ?

They flashing orange gets your attention

Yes that’s true.

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Well they could make it a fade in/fade out flashing, and maybe it could eventually stop and go solid until you dismiss the message