One aircrafts, three liveries, four shots

Hi all,
Here are some shots from my short career on our new A333! All from recent flights on expert. I hope you will enjoy them!

Here we go :

DELTA on final in KLAS

AIR CHINA on final in Shangai

LUFTHANSA over the alps

From the cabin

Extra picture from my office

Happy flying


Very beautiful!

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Thank you, appreciated.

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Can you tell me what routes these were so I can add them to my list

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They are not real A333 routes:
KLAX KLAS (very short…)
LFMN EDDM (orr the other way around?)
I use real flights but often swap the aircraft type as happened IRL sometimes for operational reasons (I have flown personnaly an A332 from Doha to Bahrein - 25 min…).

Ok I might do ATL to LAS

It will be nice indeed!