Ondrejj's ATC tracking thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello everyone,
Passed written test. I thought it would be nice to practice and develop my skills. I will be opening ground / tower. If you come along thanks! But please do be honest and give me constructive criticism as I want to improve 😊

Additional information below

  • Main focus is sequencing as I am a bit rusty.

@ThomasR I known the mistake I did. I should just clear for pushback.

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ill hop in for a few patterns :)

All good! Sorry I have to go right now as I have something to attend to. Good work with the runway change though.

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Ok thanks @VulicityHD and @VulicityHD 😊
Sorry for late clearance @VulicityHD


Thanks to those who came along. I feel like I missed something important. Feedback is definitely appreciated.

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Hello all
I am open at KSSC (Shaw afb) this is a military airbase it has parallel runways. Please come along if you wish.
Thanks 😀

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Hey, I was G-PAPA

  • you didn’t clear me for option after you gave me the new pattern instruction for my runway change (that’s why I went around)
  • after my second attempt you cleared me to land but I never asked for. You had to clear me for option
  • no exit runway command and no frequency change (I had to ask for)
  • another inbounding aircraft got the opposite site of the runway. That’s unacceptable!

The rest was fine. Also you noticed that I didn’t need a pushback and cleared me for taxi. :)

Open at Liverpool


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Finishing up an ATC training session with naro. Will stop by after

I would hop in but I have my practical in a hour or so! I didn’t pass my first written but doing this practice helps a lot with the written if felt. Good luck on your training!

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That’s fine @Aviation3. Good luck @AviationReports! 😀

I’m on my way

Your transition, pattern entry when I called inbound and exit runway were all good. The main issue was that you needed prompting to clear me. When I called inbound after my transition it was fine, but on my next three patterns it wasn’t. On my 3rd I decided to not prompt you by reporting my position and you ended up forgetting to clear me which resulted in my go around. I would like to say more but there’s only so much I can test you on with only one runway and only me in the pattern. All the best!

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Open at KSSC. Please drop by if you want. Feedback is aappreciated.

Hi Odrejj, expect me to be there shortly! 😄

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Ok thanks infiniteflight_17.

-Transition was a bit low should of been at 3000. Remember by adding your airport elevation + 1500ft the highest people will fly circuits + 1000ft for minimum separation is always going to be rounded up. In this case if we added all of it up it comes out to 2700 which rounds up to 3000ft. Always round up as well in these cases to the nearest 500.

-On my first clearance you forgot to give me a pattern direction on the clearance. I’m very happy you recognized the issue and corrected as needed.

Overall pretty solid! I know there wasn’t any sequencing involved due to there not being any aircraft around but this shows me you have a good full understanding of how basic pattern work goes. I hope to come back with some people to test your sequencing abilities. Again, good work.

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Thanks for the feedback! I am always hesitant when people write after a session but its always for the better 😅

I love it how current IFATC help people out who aspire to join the IFATC family 😊

Thanks again!

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Think of feedback as you getting to be a better controller. We all learn from things! We are here to help you learn what you don’t know so when you go in for your test you’ll know what to do. Always glad to help!