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Hey guys. Sorry about being that kind of person and constantly asking for route ideas, but I simply can’t find one. I need a 10 hour flight to NZAA. If you cannot find one, the try YSSY. Thanks. And do know, I did infact try finding a route myself, but I simply couldn’t. Also, fpltoif won’t work for me, so that’s not an option.

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That doesn’t show flight time. I’m not gonna go through that list place by place.

WSSS - NZAA is about 10 hours.

I believe AKL-NRT is roughly 10hrs. ANZ flies it with the 787-9.

You can check here to find real world flights, it sorts by distance

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RKSI to NZAA takes between 10-11 hours.

This is not nonstop but you could go from Auckland to Papeete and back. It’s about 10 hours. Air Tahiti Nui operates it with their Dreamliner.

There really is no need to make a topic every time you need a route to fly. There are a wealth of tools such as FlightAware, FR24, FPLtoIF Random, all of which linked for you so you can take a look. I especially recommend FPLtoIF random, as it lets you set flight times.


Go to fpltoif.com. this website can randomly generate flights for ya. enjoy!

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If your not gonna go through it yourself, why would you expect anyone else to do it for you?

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Can you do that on the app too? Or just the website

Only on the website as far as I am aware.

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