OnAir for IF

I just found OnAir for MSF 20 and Xplanes. I was wondering if there is something for the equivalent for infinite flight? I think this would be cool.

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Hello! Could you please help me understand what OnAir is, so I can help you answer your question? 😄👍

Thank you!


Here is the website

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Well, judging from the website, it looks like the website is something like a crew center for virtual airlines. For example, my VA has a crew center which includes functions such as a live map of VA flights, flight schedules & booking, as well as pilot reports. If you’re interested to join a VA, check out the #live:va category or the IFVARB Database. I’m sure you’ll find a VA you like!


Continuing the discussion from OnAir for IF:

What the source you stated is exactly like IFVARB wich @TheAviationGallery linked in his post. It is basically a database of all virtual airline/organization networks active in infinite flight.

IFVARB is also responsible for approving and certifying these VA’s/VO’s through an application process. If you would like to participate in doing something like that take a look at these links:

  1. The IFVARB Application Process

  2. https://ifvarb.com/

I hope this helps!


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