On YT at Schiphol

Hi Everyone! In a few minutes, I am about to load up a new series: I go around getting good angles of popular airports, and you guys can come hang out here at Schiphol! Depending on the green runway, or runway active, is where I will be viewing Schiphol from. On the expert server, of course. (This is not an event, or at least not planned. You can show up whenever you like, or not at all! :)) Anyways, in about 5 minutes, I will be taping at Schiphol, from an active runway. I will let you know which runway. Thank you all, and I hope you come!


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Could you say how long?

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Likely a few hours, of course you don’t have to stay too long :)

Runway 09 is the runway, I am now recording.

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