On which server do you fly?

Hello I have a simple question. On which server you fly mostly?
I also would like it to know grade you are.

Why I am making this poll? I want to know why it is mostly busy on PG and calm on ADV is it because most ppl have a to low grade, or something else.

On which server you fly the most of your time?

  • FF(free flight)
  • PG(playground)
  • ADV(advanced)

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Which grade are you?

  • grade 1
  • grade 2
  • grade 3
  • grade 4
  • grade 5

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Thanks, would like it to have more then 100 voters

If you fly more on PG I would like it to know why.




Your first poll dosen’t work @DS2001

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I’m G4 and I Ussually fly on advanced if there is ATC. Socal is getting to boring.


I’m Grade 5 and fly mostly on the Playground server.

At (almost) every playground complaint there’s bold words like Flyadvanced

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Not when I’m controlling…

Don’t you get annoyed?

Yes but on PG there are 120 flight and on ADV 50, I want to know why.

PG is the server of practicing and trolls.

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Again, 120 flights on SoCal PG
And if we open the record is 60.

No, I usually fly in quiet regions.

People fly in SOCAL because of the terrian, mountains to the northwest and San Clemente International Airport to the south west

Less rules being enforced

  • I fly SoCal most time (PG)
  • I fly mostly in other regions (PG)

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Only fill in if you fly mostly on PG.

Can’t add this poll to the topic:(

SoCal is overcrowded and I have my home so yea

Unfortunstely it doesn’t make a big difference anymore where you fly:
The Advanced ATCs don’t ghost people taxiing through you or taking off without permission…

So why not go to PG where it is (almost) as civilized…

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I try to stay away from SoCal because the sim will crash.

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Ehm Yes they ghost

They should
And that’s the problem… I’ve seen multiple airplanes taxiing trough me or taking off without permission without being ghosted by ATC. It feels like so many… :(

Please keep in mind until the next update, some beta testers are using updated scenery. I just experienced this myself while taxing and taking off at PHOG in Hawaii.


Please someone does that and the ATC doesn’t take action against that please inform Tyler Shelton about the ATC who didn’t take action against it. Thank you.

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