On this day in US Aviation History

A Russian born man arrived to the United States in 1919, fleeing from the Bolshevik Red Guards he arrived to the United States to peruse his dream in engineering vertical machines. He founded his first company in 1923 which produced flying boats for PanAm and other airlines. During this time He moved his company to Connecticut. Unlike other engineers at the time his design was different using one large prop and one smaller on the back of this machine allowing it to cancel out the affects of the larger prop. In 1939 he was able to achieve his goal and flew the very first helicopter. Ignor Sikorsky would later go onto build civilian and military helicopters. The Sikorsky helicopter is used in all five armed uniformed services of the Department of Defensed and world widely used by other organizations.
Sikorsky still remains in Connecticut to this day.

Ignor Sikorsky arrived into the US 101 years ago today.


This guy just changed the whole aviation industry. Great story @RotorGuy, I actually didn’t know that the first helicopter flew today.
Thanks for sharing mate😃


This man revolutionized the whole aviation industry, with helicopters. I didn’t know that the first helicopter flight was today, thanks for sharing this!

I know this post seems a lot like the one above, don’t mean it to be. 😂

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