On This Day in History: Spanair Flight 5022 (2008)

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Today marks the Tenth anniversary of Spanair Flight 5022. The flight was scheduled to fly from Barcelona to Gran Canaria via Madrid. Before takeoff, the pilots see that the temperature gauge is giving false readings. They turn back around adding another 40 minute delay after traffic congestion. When they finally takeoff, the plane fails to climb and it crashes, killing 154 people out of 172 on board.

I have included a link to the Wikipedia page and Allec Joshua Ibay’s vidéo regarding the accident.

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It was a pilot error they forgot to put the flaps out.

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Yes, that is stated in the video and article that I have provided.

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Important topic, well done

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This was basically the beginning of the end for Spainair, as it largened their financial difficulties…a very sad occasion

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But this accident helped Make aviation safer…

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