On This Day in History : 2002 Uberlingen Mid-Air Collision.

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On 1 July 2002, 16 years ago today, a Bashkirian Airlines charter service TU154 was flying from Moscow - Barcelona. The aircraft was carrying students from Ufa for a class trip. There were 60 passengers and 9 crew. Another aircraft, a DHL 757 was flying from Bergamo, Italy - Brussels, Belgium. There were two crew on board.

The two flights were going to cross paths over Überlingen, Germany. Both flights were flying at FL360. When the ATC noticed this, he instructed the charter to descend. Eight seconds later, both aircraft received TCAS warnings. The charter aircraft TCAS instructed the pilots to climb, as the DHL descend. The Russian pilots were confused and did not know what to do. So, they decided to descend. At 23:32 local time, the two aircraft collided and fell to the earth from 34,000 feet in the air. All 69 on the Russian plane and 2 on the DHL flight were killed, leaving 71 fatalities all together.


These were the two aircraft involved in the accident.

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This was the accident where the ATC who was in control later got murdered right?
If i remember correct, he got stabbed by one of the father of those children who died in the crash.


That is correct, it’s really sad because it wasn’t really his fault. There weren’t enough controllers on duty so he was over worked and stressed. May all the passengers and the ATC rest in peace.


All the stress got to him and sadly this horrible accident happened :(

And the father’s actions weren’t any better… I don’t think his child would’ve liked to know that his/her dad killed somebody… 😧


i think i remember this one, didn’t the collision take off the vertical stabiliser of the DHL 752 and split the tu154 in half?


It sure did, the DHL tail got ripped off and the plane slammed to the ground and the tu154 in two pieces.

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Sad to see that accidents happen but look at the bright side, due to this accident tcas get prioritized by atc and many people is safe from mid air collision…

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Here’s the Air Crash Investigation for anyone who’s interested

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