On this day in Aviation history

On February 17, 1974, at 2 A.M. an Army PFC named Robert K. Preston stole a U.S. Army Bell UH-1 helicopter from Fort Meade, Maryland and flew the helicopter to Washington, D.C. Once he got to D.C. he yanked and banked his helicopter on over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and hovered for six minutes over the White House. Let me say that one more tim… He hovered over the White House for six min minutes. After he was done Flyin’ over the White House he descended on the south lawn, about 100 yards from the West Wing No one could believe anyone would be that stupid or crazy so there was no initial attempt from the Executive Protective Service to light his helicopter up so he took off and this time was chased by two Maryland State Police helicopters. Preston out ran one of the police helicopters out of the sky by maneuvering his helo and then returned to the White House. This time, as he hovered above the south grounds, the Executive Protective Service lit his helicopter up with shotguns and sub machine guns. Preston caught a little bit of that work but it didn’t really faze him and he finally landed the helo. When they took the young Preston into custody he said he was heated because they didn’t let him continue training to fly helos so he had to show out. Preston was trying to get on that level so he wanted to prove he had enough skill to earn his wings. He spent 1 year in prison, got fined $2400, received a general discharge. The day of the incident as he was being taken away he smiled because he knew no matter what happened to him there was one simple truth; Heroes get remembered, but legends never die…



Wow, Fort Meade is only a mile away from me! I couldn’t possibly imagine this happening today. Anyone or anything gets close to the White House, you won’t be flying for much longer…

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Interesting. Tbh I thiugh you were going to say that this led to the creation of Marine One (the chopper used to transport the prez to/from Andrew’s Air Force base.)

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I read that right, did I? I though no one could fly around the White House.

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People can break the law


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