On This Day in Aviation History: John Glenn Orbits the Earth

On this day (29 October) in the year 1998, US Senator John Glenn orbits earth, and not only being the oldest ever to do so (77 years!!), he was the first American to do so. His first orbit took place on 20 February 1961, but this mission made him the oldest man to ever go into space.

Later, his name was added to the name of an airport he loved to watch planes fly in and out of: Colombus, Ohio.

Unfortunately, he died just a mere 2 years ago on 8 December 2016 at the rather impressive age of 95. His legacy in aviation still lives on and we respect him as a large contributor to space exploration and aviation in general.

-Glenn in 1998 before his mission on the Discovery.

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Very Cool! I didn’t know it was today :)


Very nice, I never knew about this. Thanks for sharing!


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Thanks for your service John glenn


John Glenn… Who is he? Thanks to you I know about him and his history. I never knew it was the day he orbited space at the age of 70. Very interesting.

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Thank you for reading! I appreciate it!

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