On this day in Aviation history - Concorde takes flight!

Just three weeks after the prototype Boeing 747, City of Everett, made its first flight at Seattle, Washington, the first supersonic airliner prototype, Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde Aircraft 001, registration F-WTSS, made its first flight, taking off from Runway 33 at the Aéroport de Toulouse-Blagnac, Toulouse, France.
On the flight deck were André Édouard Marcel Turcat, Henri Perrier, Michel Retif and Jacques Guinard.
The flight lasted 27 minutes. Throughout the flight, the “droop nose” and landing gear remained lowered. Concorde was the only commercial airliner capable of cruising at supersonic speeds.

There were two Concorde prototypes (the British Aerospace Corporation built Concorde 002) followed by two pre-production developmental aircraft and sixteen production airliners.

Concorde 001 is 51.80 meters (169 feet, 11.4 inches) long, with a wingspan of 23.80 meters (78 feet, 1 inch). Its fuselage has a maximum height of 3.32 meters (10 feet, 10.7 inches) and maximum width of 2.88 meters (9 feet, 5.4 inches) max internal height 1.96 m (6 feet, 5.2 inches). The prototype’s empty weight is 78,700 kilograms (173,504 pounds), and the maximum takeoff weight is 185,000 kilograms (407,855 pounds). (Pre-production and production Concorde weights and dimensions vary.)


Happy First Flight Day, Concorde!

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What a marvelous aircraft with such potential… Pity it doesn’t fly anymore.

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That’s pretty cool, I love reading about aviation history ,it just shows how much we came from all these years, wish it was still flying tho.

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Pop the bottles!


Remarkable aircraft. It will always remain the greatest passenger aircraft in my view given what it achieved, to see it hasn’t been beaten so many years later really says it all!

Beauty! This is the final production model and the last to ever fly, back at its home in Filton where it was manufactured.


Got to see the fabulous British Concorde at the Intrepid museum in NYC when I went a few years ago, plus I always see it driving by the Intrepid since my apartment is only 10 or so blocks away.

I wish I could remember seeing the Concorde at JFK as a kid, since it was still around for a bit, but sadly I can’t remember.

Fantastic aircraft that had many accomplishments. What a great plane!

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I got to see the Concorde several times at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. Such a beautiful aircraft, such a huge accomplishment.

Happy first flight day to the Concorde!

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I have seen two Concordes, the one at Seattle then Ms Moses lake that lives in England both are beautiful machines, I think that was the time of the golden era.


If only this legend was in the simulator…


I would always be flying this!

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