On this day in 2001

On this day in 2001
American flight 11
United 175
American Airlines 77
American Airlines 93
8:46 AM on a beautiful morning in New York City American flight 11 that was headed for Los Angeles crashes into the north all crew on board or instantly killed

9:03 AM united flight 175 hits the north tower just 18 minutes later all crew on board are instantly killed

9:05 AM in an elementary school classroom in Florida President Bush is informed about the hit on the second tower in a Bush later wrote about his response: “I made the decision not to jump up immediately and leave the classroom. I didn’t want to rattle the kids. I wanted to project a sense of calm… I had been in enough crises to know that the first thing the leader has to do is to project calm”

9:37 AM American Airlines 77 crashes into the pentagon The entire crew of flight 77 are instantly killed

9:59 AM the south tower of the world trade center collapses

10:02AM united Airlines flight 93 headed for San Francisco after passengers attempt to overpower the hijackers it crashes into a empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania all crewmembers are instantly killed

10:28 AM The North Tower of the World Trade Center collapses one hour 41 minutes after being hit

Let’s have a moment of silence for the 2,996 people who tragically passed away on that day

The collapse of the north tower


I will honor this event


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What a tragic day in history, not just for aviation but for the world at large. On this day in 2000, nobody (besides the terrorists themselves) could have even considered such a meticulously planned devastating terror attack on American soil, involving thousands of innocent civilians.

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This is a really interesting (however horrible) food for thought. Is it better that it crashed in that field? On one hand, it could have inflicted a lot more damage on whatever it’s intended target may be (potentially the White House, Capital Building, etc), but it’s downing still killed scores of people.

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Aaaaaa good point did not think that it is better a crashed into an empty field rather than a much more populated area I’ll fix that. Thank you for letting me know.

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I’m planning on doing a transcon tonight in memory of 9/11.

P.S. you might need to change your pfp to match the seriousness of the events, Tow Mater and 3000 deaths do not mix for me.


I think he has the right to keep it like that, that would be like me changing mine to reflect this day.


just trying not to get reported

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I feel both were targeted but luckily flight 93 wasnt able to cause more loss of life and flight 23 never left the ground, as it was most likely headed for DC aswell

Pentagon, Capital, White House were DC targets
This would effect the US Department of Defense, House of Congress, President and Executive Branch


as shown it did, but turned around

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Rest In Peace to all that tragically passed away. We learned from our mistakes (hopefully), and we need to go on.


Rest in peace to all those who were lost too soon in what is one of the worst tragedies of the 21st century.


My sincere condolences to those innocent soles tragically lost.