On the way to KSEA

Hello all yesterday when we had ATC I decided to fly from KLAX to KSEA in the Airbus A350 carbon livery. I had some nice views and scenery over some places wherever they WERE. Also, I have not been to Seattle for a long time so I thought it would be nice to go again.

Server: Expert
Time: 2 + hours flying time
Route: KLAX -> KSEA

Somewhere over somewhere at 28,000ft.

Turning base to runway 16L with flaps 2.

Thanks for viewing. Post opinions below.




The last one look pretty sick

Nice shots! Luv the 350 wing

Hello. You seem to follow me around the globe lol.


I’m always all around the globe 😏

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Racking up that flight time I see

Quite so :)

Indeed I am. Got 1 violation when departing Atlanta yesterday though. Super lucky it wasnt more than 1, I could’ve sworn on my life I put the AP speed on 🤔

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Very nice shots! The A350 wing and that beautiful winglet are stunning!

Thanks @Thunderbolt! My favourite picture too.

I’m loving the second picture, the angle is incredible!

Thanks to you too sasha.

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