On the community, where do you personally see yourself in 2021?

As 2020 comes to a close, many people would be looking forward to the next calendar year (i.e: 2021). People often have expectations, goals and personal targets they aim to reach in time to come, and I’d be happy to hear your goals.

Coming from me, I hope to see myself continue our shared success in the Virtual Airline community with Malaysia Airlines Virtual in time to come, and to hopefully build a better name for myself on the community since I’m barely even recognised anywhere.

Would be cool to hear about what you have in mind!


I see myself as a regular next year; that’s possible, look at my stats


Statistics honestly don’t matter at all when it comes to promoting someone to Regular. Instead, they look at your general conduct on the forum and your helpfulness etc before promoting you.


Possibly a regular? More success for Finnair VA and OWVA, join IFATC, do my best to contribute to IF and the IFC.

I’m sorry if I didn’t frame that properly.


I want to follow in @infiniteflight_17’s footsteps


Laura you’ve got some competition there 👀


Yeah, I know that, and I want to be helpful, but not too much. you know what I mean.

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Eh what? 🤔

Wish i did


@TheAviationGallery and @ran know.

Let’s don’t get off-topic.


Being too helpful can be destructive. Giving assistance comes naturally, where and when you can help, take the chance to lend a helping hand. But trying to help and be overly kind in a area of not your expertise can many times backfire.

If the Mods and Staff see you fit as a Regular, they will promote you eventually, but if you are in every topic, even in those you have no clue how to help, and unintentionally begin posting off-topic posts and replies that doesn’t become that helpful in the end, that’s where being too helpful can be destructive.

@Marcel001, I will say it’s amazing to hear that you wish to become a Regular. Im sure all of us TL3 would love to see you as a Regular one day. Keep doing what you do, and when the time is right, you may get promoted. Trying to be helpful, kind and honest are the right traits, but never overdo them, let it come naturally.

Happy Holidays :)


That’s what I mean. Thanks!


Iiiii dont know might be going back to being a regular (since I havent been like 5 months and im stuck)

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If I’m lucky I might be promoted to basic who knows

I might even buyout infinite flight LLC next year using 17 years worth of birthday money, and I’ll be supreme leader of the IFC


I only want to continue contributing here in IFC, Continue building my skills as radar controller for IFATC and, who knows, maybe I will have a good chat with te IFVARB board…

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@Marcel001 look at mine lol


i’ll take 1000 hours fly and i’ll go to the grade 5 and i’ll take 1000 land in IF

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I honestly want to see myself progress in more activities around IF. Like helping people more with things they need.

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I need a new subscription


I hope to be known more in the IFC in 2021.

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I’ll probably join a virtual airline for the first time, gain some experience, then make my own VA based somewhere on the African continent.

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