On screen controls

(sory for bad english) I am very new to Infinite Flight, And also to screen tilt controls got the game yesterday and i cannot control evn the cessna 208, i think it would be bad for the game to have on screen controls (roll and pitch)
But if that can’t be in the game then can you all give me sugestions for sensitivity or better controls? Would really apreciate help.

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Go to settings>controls. Then test your controls from there.

If you are having trouble with your device not responding to roll and pitch movements, you can always try recalibrating them under settings.

There is a section in the settings where you can manage your controls! Try to find the best settings for you! :)

Sure thing! I’ll see if this helps.

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Also, the 208 can be a challenging aircraft if you are new.
Try, maybe, the Cessna Citation X or somethijng jet propelled.

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I managed to land! Was it hard? Not really, did you butter? Of course not
A/P? No. I tweaked my settings for sensitivity and it felt nice for a begginer
Honestly really no problem adter i tweaked the settings a bit, thanks for the help guys!


Re-calibrating you device before flight also helps to.

@booc3_bung. MaxSez: My Friend it’s not the Pad its the Person. IF is a simulator not a game. It simulates an aircrafts actual characteristics it has working controls which emulate the real deal. Let me suggest that you leave the high performance Aircraft alone till you master the basics. The 208 is high performence. 95% of new Pilots start out in a C-172 or similar craft. So should you. Try this , Watch the in App C172 Training Video and the UTude 172 training series. Initially fly by useing the “Fly Solo” function, before you move to the TS-1 Server. Solo offers video replay which shows your errors. Change to a Server when you can control the 172 in all conditions, be comfortable with it, make it do what you want then move on up the Aircraft Inventory, Important read the Tutorials. Finally there are snakes of this plane, Trust but varify all suggestions, Google is your friend.
Finally get a free copy of the FAA Pub “The Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge” available at faa.gov. Good Luck

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Thanks helping out guys!