On Retiring

On the forum, retiring is a word that is used for no more than a 24 hour period in which users create a general post announcing their retirement. These posts often consist of titles such as “Goodbye”, “Goodbye Infinite Flight”, and “Goodbye Everyone”. Retiring users often thank the staff, moderators, and the people on the IFC or members within their VA. The latter tend to be more affectionate when reading these posts responding with the likes of “No please don’t go!”, “Sorry to see you go.”, and “There’s no reason you have to retire over this.” After a few have their cake, the post is quickly closed by a moderator to prevent a huge dogpile. It is also important to note that sometimes, retirements occur because of a lack of judgement on the expert server commonly resulting in a ghost.

During this period, the retiring user will often walk away for a few hours, maybe take a walk, have dinner, or to go sleep. Without fail, this user returns the next day and thanks everyone for their kind words while they were away. This is not to be confused with a hiatus, which actually tends to last longer than a retirement. Also, it is important to take into account the users age: younger users tend to have shorter retirements, also known as bedtime.

This post is not meant to be taken seriously or literally of course. This post is meant to be satirical in nature and is not directed at any specific retired users. If you are seriously thinking of retiring and making an announcement, thanks for contributing to this great community. And if you decide to come back, we’ll all be here waiting for your return. Cheers!


Naro, I will be retiring from the IFC for a bit. I will be back tomorrow morning though hopefully! I will miss you


Why is this so true?! 😂

Well said, @naro!


I am retiring for 1h 😭 will miss you guys 👋🏻


Very relatable. Had a giggle. Brilliant.



Is it a tactic to get likes

No, those are “Thank you IFC” topics.


And attention.

omg finally justice has been served

✌🏻 Peace buddy

But earning less money comes down to the player not them, in actual fact, that’s got nothing really to do with it.

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Exactly my point :)

This is satire? Sounds like it was taken straight out of a nonfiction textbook.


Can this be pinned please 😂


Back from my 3 hour retirement while I was on my flight 😂😂

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Guys, im retiring. Cya tomorrow

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Omg goodbye everyone! I’m retiring for 20 minutes to eat dinner. 😮


It is totally acceptable to retire to have dinner or what not.

Here is the defenition: 'withdraw to or from a particular place’

For example: @Ondrejj retired to the library.


oh dear…that is a roast to most people on this forum - as the large majority of us are teenagers


Btw I will be retiring in 1 hour for school (will be back at 5:20pm :)


I wasn’t able to comment on this when I was gone because this wasn’t a topic yet. But some of you might remember me from July and Early August. Since then I’ve been in flight school here in Las Vegas. I’ll still be active here and then but yea. Thanks Guys

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