On my way to nz

Im on my way to new zealand from dubai i departed at 21:10 and im suppost to arrive at about 10am or so. I will see u guys at nz😊 happy flying

Update:im now about 2hrs away from singapore and the time has been pushed to around 12pm.


Screenshots cannot have airplane boxes or sidebars per the screenshots and video category rules. Use the screenshot function in replay mode to get pictures without the HUDs.

Also you might want to delete all this.

Im doing this flight right now im not gonna leave to take a pic…

The photo you attached doesn’t comply with the requirements of the type of screenshots you are allowed to post, and looking at the above screenshot, it does contain the interface, and since you cant leave this flight to take a screenshot of sorts, I suggest to either crop out the interface and post the pic of the aircraft or delete this topic, safe flight nevertheless

Ok i will do it now

and yes pls edit and remove this quoted part:

The pic looks great!

Ok no pdob