On my way back to MMTY from KCHS thru KATL

![IMG_9443|666x500](upload://aZvZZkFuvUwZvtzbk4OptzY1Ugg.JPG hour in KCHS erj145 for ground and c-17 background ![IMG_9445|666x500](upload://nOGwH8TzyK9KCoMVk2Nx5T3KUC4.JPG 737 headed to KBWI

united erj175 and my MD88 inbound with the one thing better than a c17 on touch and gos. Two c-17s in that same photo767300 to Brussels
767-400 Düsseldorf


One accidental photo in there

What is the fifth picture of?

Antenna and nav wording on a sailboat. Some how accidentally added it on here

Nice pictures, you also saw the B767 to my hometown :)

The C17!! Its so pretty!! :)

Beautiful pictures! Keep on spotting!

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This is Mexico City after landing

Air France A380 and BA 747

KLM 747

Iberia A340

LAN 787

Several AeroMexico 787s the last one is in Monterrey whixh is a very strange sight

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