On Guard Warning

I’m still improving my ATC skills on the training server, but I’m wondering when the appropriate time to send the On Guard Warning is when working the different ATC positions.

I think that the On Guard warning should be used when:
Ground: If there is an aircraft on the ground not on a runway or holding short of one
Tower: If an aircraft is approaching a runway and is within 20 miles
Approach: If an aircraft is coming to your airport(s) and is around 50 miles out or less
Departure: If an aircraft is departing your airport(s) and is still within 50 miles or less
These are just criteria that I use, definitely not official, but hopefully it helps you.

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Should clear up everything:


You did not mention ground… on expert are there any circumstances when an IFATC will contact you before you request push back… of course on the TS that has become fairly common place usually within five minutes after you have materialized !

On ground we do not on guard unless you start moving.


So what happens if they are mistakenly still tuned into their last frequency? Should we still refrain from sending a guard message?

No. If they are inbound to your airspace and they are writhin the above - mentioned range, you can on guard them

Oh gotcha. Thanks a lot!! It’s just that the photo above stated that you shouldnt send a guard warning if they are on another frequency.

If they are with approach you should not send an onguard

I meant like, if they are still tuned into like their previous frequency. Like, tower…or departure. Would it still be ok to make the call?

Yes that’s fine to on guard them at that point.

Because I sometime have a bad habit of staying tuned into my last frequency.

Oh ok! Thanks a lot! That makes much more sense. 😀

As Brandon stated, if you are working with an approach controller you should not on guard anyone. The approach controller will hand them off to you.

And this applies when I’m operating tower right? I understand that aspect of it for sure, I was just a bit confused about when to guard them when operating approach.

Yes, what I have posted above applies for tower :)

Oh gotcha, thanks a lot! 😀👍

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It’s funny how one pilot is not even near the ILS cone and he’s tuned to tower when there’s approach. Tower doesn’t hand the pilot off the approach. Nice.

What point are you trying to convey?

What server was this on?

Just some TS troubles as an ATC. If you were thinking that this was on ES it won’t happen. IFATC are trained.