On Guard Warning from an Airport 51.3nm Away

11:30 Zulu time - Training Server 1 : 3/4 of my way to Canberra. Full auto pilot, relaxing and enjoying the flight when I get an on guard warning from Sydney?!
What are they smoking in the control tower?


This is the training server which means that the issue cannot be handled as everyone can control on the training server, even people who troll.


How did YSSY even contact me being so far away? The option shouldn’t even be there!

The frequency certainly wasn’t available to me, otherwise I would have trolled back!

As an ATC you can on-guard everyone the region by pressing on their aircraft icon > Send On Guard Message.

So how would I respond if I can’t contact the tower?

You cannot respond.

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Yeah, like @Samuel123abc said, atc can tell anyone that, gotten trolled a lot on playground from that bug. Hopefully the devs fix it in due course.

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That’s my point…if I can not respond, then the option for the tower shouldn’t even be available.

Thankfully it’s the first time it’s happened to me

As this is the training server you will come across some very basic and new controllers. All it is, is a controller getting confused and not understanding the command or purpose.

Just ignore this, one day the controller will learn how to use the on guard message properly.


It would make sense to adjust a few things. Tower/ground controllers should only be able to zoom out enough to see a reasonable amount of radar coverage. The distances past that range are to be controlled by approach, departure and center. If ATC was reworked, including adding center sectors we could theoretically fix the issue. I say theoretically because trolls can easily jump from one ATC role to another to keep bothering a pilot if they wanted to. Just a thought.

It happened to me once, while practicing ATC I was jumping around to check about players’ informations with the dedicated push button, which is placed just above the on guard warning button…
just as simple as that.
Happy landings

Nice editing lol

I have had this a few times. I’ve had several airports contact me at once with the same demand while on final to the airport. It throws my ATC off and confuses me quite a bit.

Fly on expert for a realistic experience.