On-guard Message While Touching Down

Just now on the Expert Server, I was handed off from EGLL Approach to EGLL Unicom to land on runway 09L. While touching down I received an on-guard message from EGLL Tower. Not the best moment.
The only thing Tower said was “When able turn right and contact Ground on the taxiway”.
ATC suddenly coming online still seems to be confusing, but it was funny as well. :)


It happens. He came online while you were on the roll I suppose.

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I guess.
Maybe sending me a message from Ground when I was on the taxiway would have been better.
The moment of touch down isn’t the right moment to go into the ATC window.

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controller was made aware of this. But i just landed and both tower, and approach are expierencing alot of disappearing and reappearing aircraft.

Yeah, there was a major server issue earlier with connection errors.
Expert was at 0% load.
Hope the problems will be gone soon.

I’ve had the ATC come in while I was on my takeoff roll once. It does happen a lot I guess.

While on your take off roll hearing : “Say intentions!”!
Then searching the ATC window for the right response!! Eehh… :D


Exactly, I did a rejected takeoff and switched to ground! 😀

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You’re kidding, right? :D

Hi Jan, controller here. Sorry if you felt rushed. I know you are there, so just land safely and then answer the on-guard message.

Dag meneer Bouwmeester!!
No problem. It was funny and weird at the same time. :)
And a reminder to not get rushed into doing things and to just aviate, navigate and communicate, in that order.


Yep exactly! People tend to get rushed if they receive those sorts of messages, most of the time it’s not meant that way. :)

I know.
I didn’t create this topic to complain. Just to share my experience.


It’s cool. Spread the love!


I will!! :)

P.S.: Can’t wait till March 24th to see Max again. New year, new car, new chances. :)

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Glad to see reminding to Aviate, Navigate THEN Communicate! Simple yet important rule! :-)


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