On Frequency - Week 5: To the Moon! And beyond?

On Frequency - Week 5

Question: To the Moon! And beyond?

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More about the week’s topic

Just recently, NASA completed the first successful Artemis mission: The unmanned space capsule traveled to the moon, orbited it, and returned to Earth. Soon, the first manned space flights to the moon will start, with the goal of landing humans on the moon again in the next few years. But the moon is not the end of the journey: Mars is calling. At least according to SpaceX. Our question of the week revolves around this very topic: What do you think about the current efforts in manned spaceflight to other planets and moons? And where would you like to land?


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Let’s Discuss!

This is going to be the last “On Frequency” Topic for 2022. We’re looking forward to more interesting discussions in the new Year. Happy Holidays!


I think it’s really exciting!

I can’t wait to see what we do on the Moon when humans return there, and then on Mars.

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with Mars, we do know people can survive with pretty good health thanks to efforts from the ISS’s half year mission durations.

Mars though is very far off so starting with an outpost on the moon would be a good place to start with learning how to stay for long periods away from earth

Mars also has limited time windows to send crews - with months in between windows - whereas the moon has much more luxurious time windows.

Beyond is knowledge such as Beyonce Knowles.🧊

Just a destiny.🥜

I think this is a huge leap in technology. We haven’t been to the moon since 1972 so this will be a major break through for NASA. Mars is next and I predict that SpaceX will land there first

I’m feeling quite proud of what we’re doing with the Artemis Program. Even though the SLS program may be slow, with SpaceX’s help, I’m pretty sure we’ll make it to it right on schedule. With all the work we’ve done in space on the ISS for all these years, We are quite decently prepared for long duration space flights to the moon and beyond. I can’t wait to see where we’ll go this century.

As for landing, probably the Moon. At least I’ll be probably a couple weeks away from home.

I think it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars, frankly. Every time we launch a rocket, that’s millions of dollars that could’ve gone towards improving our odds of saving the planet we have now. If history is any guide, we’ll just end up irreversibly screwing up that planet as well, and be right back to square one, so I say cut the launches and redirect the funds to where they will have a much more quantifiable impact. Furthermore, strict oversight should be imposed to make sure those funds are being used as they are intended to be.

I rest my case.


People 🧍🏻‍♂️ > ☀️ >🔥 > 😵 > No Remains. Simple.

Returning to the moon is great for research but as @thenewpilot said.

Could be wasteful. Especially for digging up fuel and creating fuel, kerosine and more materials.

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I haven’t done a whole lot of outside research regarding space flight (most of my knowledge comes from The Martian and Star Trek. Take that as you will). But I do think it will be cool to see what the future has to offer! I look forward to seeing the future and what happens next!

Personally, I am in the crowd of people who hope for a Star Trek-like future! Now, how realistic is that? I’m not sure.

You do realize in order for a Star Trek type of future we would have to have world war III and a great deal of the population die off. That is what happened in Star Trek it was if I believe I remember correctly somewhere under a decade maybe after world war III when Dr. Cochran made his historical faster then light travel.

the SLS, vehicle that send the Orion capsule around the moon, costed just over 4 billion to launch

Dead chat XD

Me, be like:

Who knows what will happen in the future

I personally don’t feel that there’s too much to add to this conversation considering the fundamental challenge that the laws of physics pose.

Rather, I’d like to turn this around and ask “why is Sci-Fi still called Sci-Fi and not Sci-Non-Fi?”

There have been many great things to have happened in the past few years of spaceflight, however, as optimistic as it may be and as accessible as spaceflight may be to those with deep pockets, remember that these are some incredibly fortunate individuals whilst the other eight billion will remain here, grounded to this planet we call home, and in all likelihood, not get much further than 43,000 feet in the next couple decades.

Space, astronomy and related fields have often left me perplexed; speaking to someone with some reasonable in-depth knowledge of certain aspects would definitely open my eyes to another perspective that I may have yet to see. However, as realistic as this world must be, it isn’t quite the Utopia that some make it out to be.

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