On Frequency - Week 4: What is your favorite airline - and why?

On Frequency - Week 4

Question: What is your favorite airline - and why?

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More about the week’s topic

Even though much of flying is the same on many airlines these days, there is still a whole list of differences that make an airline unique. From the booking process to boarding, to in-flight service, and many other things. Which airline scored the most points with you and can claim the title of being your favorite airline? Share your experiences!

Share your opinions and views, respond to those of other community members, exchange ideas, teach new things, learn new things and discuss.

Let’s Discuss!


el first. United because Evo Blue


el second. I don’t have a favourite…


I like British airways, because i went on a 747 with them, the crew are always very friendly, the landing are not hard and Terminal 5 at Heathrow is the best terminal lol


China southern because of its amazing economy service


My favorite airline is American Airlines. I also like Qantas because it has not had a hull loss, but I’ve never flown with them.


I just want to say thanks Marc for creating these. I always have fun answering them and I always look forward to a new one each week :D


Southwest. Cheap (for the most part), no extra fees, and the flight attendants are funny asf. After that it’s delta, pretty much for the same reasons and they have TV’s which I enjoy 😂


el ninth. Lufthansa is my favourite because their premium economy feels like first class, at a great price. Also British Airways… Because Im British 😹


United Airlines for sure. Has a nice lounges and economy seats. I have made many trip reports on the airline here.


Delta because of Biscoff cookies and IFE on short domestic flights.

Korean Air is my international favorite because of the service


My name says it all. Can you guess? Southwest it is! The reason for this is because their livery has been my favorite for years and I think the fact that they are the best low cost airline in the USA is also a big factor.


But I also love Delta and JetBlue as their economy classes are some of the best in the aviation industry and in the USA.


Alaska maybe. I mean don’t get me wrong, I adore SWA but Alaska had really nice legroom and seats. Overall, great airline. :D

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I like Alaska but Delta is a close runner up.

Alaska has better legroom but no IFE (unless you have an iPad)

Delta has worse legroom but a good IFE.

Overall, flying on Alaska is a bit better for me, especially their Max 9 with the tablet holders.


Hawaiian Airline, because that’s what my family and I used for going to Hawaii (obliviously). Beside that, the crew are great and they make you feel welcome into Hawaii. It has great livery and a nice fleet.


My favourite airlines are Wizzair and Ryanair because they are both flying for very cheap. Its not about to money but i prefer brand new plane instead of 15 years old Austrian a320. Another thing is the food which is fine for 15$ flight. Last year my family have flown for 2 euros/person Sofia-Crete-Sofia…


As a completely unbiased Newark resident… jetBlue.

I’d normally choose United, however jetBlue has grown on me in recent years for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, their quality of service is elevated from other mainline US carriers. Free snacks, free wifi, and high-speed IFE systems are all an aviator can really ask for, especially their longer, 3+ hour flights. The Wi-fi may not be of the best quality, but at least it’s something. And it’s unlimited, so that’s nice.

Secondly, jetBlue just has a “fun” feeling. It’s hard to explain, but between the liveries, branding, and the crew, being on any jetBlue aircraft just has a different feel to it. I think it mostly has to do with the wide variety of liveries that they have – when I flew to Bermuda in April, we flew on “Vets in Blue” on the way down, and “Bear Force One” (Boston Bruins) on the way back. Not really sure how that happened, but the fact that they own so many specials to begin with is something else.

Finally, the range of destinations that they operate to just blows my mind, and how much that’s changed from the early 2000’s is fascinating. Many of the airports in the Caribbean that they serve have no other operators, and it’s remarkable that an airline that operates exclusively single-aisle aircraft is able to harvest a profit from such… random routes. That’s just my two cents, though.

Now here’s a full, exclusive, 5-star, FDA certified, no high-fructose corn syrup tier list of airlines.

  1. jetBlue
  2. United
  3. ANA
  4. Southwest
  5. American. Only here because it’s a big airline. There’s a special place in hell for AA.

Mine would probably have to be Delta because I have the most experience flying them. I’ve flown Delta to Alpena via Detroit and back, then to London via Detroit, and back to CLT via JFK from Paris, so that’s a grand total of 8 segments.

I do have to blame Delta for getting me hooked on Biscoff cookies though 😤 😂


I’m really sorry to interrupt y’all but it feels like this topic is just going to be people spamming their favourite airline and no one actually discussing it. This is maybe because people haven’t flown on all the other airlines mentioned, so they can’t relate to others.