On Frequency - Week 1: What will civil aviation look like in 20 years?

On Frequency - Week 1

Question: What will civil aviation look like in 20 years?

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More about the week’s topic

Civil aviation is undergoing a transformation: Sustainable fuels, more efficient aircraft, the first fully electric aircraft, and new supersonic models, … The direction seems to be clear: Lighter and quieter. The innovations on the market are many and varied. At the same time, civil aviation also faces challenges: There is a great shortage of personnel, there is political pressure to avoid short-haul flights, and there is criticism of the often very low ticket prices, especially in the Europen Market.

In light of all this, this week’s question is this: What will civil aviation look like in 20 years?

Share your opinions and views, respond to those of other community members, exchange ideas, teach new things, learn new things and discuss.

Let’s Discuss!


After going to Farnborough Airshow this year, I think it will be one dominated with SAF and Hydrogen as the main fuel sources, with new wing designs! Sustainability will be incredibly focused upon (hopefully), and planes will fly higher, go faster, yet probably carry less people than before!


A380. Gone
B747. Gone.
B757. Gone.
B767. Gone

It will definitely be a diffferent time - but it will be interesting to see what the flagship aircraft are in 20 years time.


I personally think sustainable fuels/electric will have a bigger presence and are more accessible than they are now


I think the 787/777X and the A330neo/A350 would be the flagships in the future as they’re the biggest airlines really operate right now that’ll be in the foreseeable future


I agree with that - unless there is a surprise aircraft entry in the coming years…


Maybe maybe

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I think you all know where I’m going with this


Planes will definitely get smaller in the future and most planes we see today will be gone. Personally I do not like the change :(.


Introduction of the Boom overture and other higher-tech aircraft


Hmmm, I certainly hope it won’t be something like this:

Hydrogen fuel looks to be the next step for aviation and with the new out must go the old. looks like we will be saying bye-bye to most of the planes we love so much. WIth AI also ever-present, will pilots even be a thing in the future?


I could imagine that there would then be hydrogen planes that are more environmentally friendly and there are not many planes anymore that fly with kerosene. I think there are manufacturers they are working on a project like this.

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I hate these concepts, this thing couldn’t even fly.


Airbus dominates the league. Literally computer planes dominates the sky. Why do pilots even exist at that point?

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I hope the A220 will still be here :)


Because if the 737MAX proved anything, its that pilots are always needed in the end. One thing I’m sure about is that pilots will not be going - You simply cannot trust AI to fully run a plane


KISP will be a bunch of apartments in 20 years. The airport keeps losing service left and right. Their management can’t care less.

5 years from now the only flights at ISP will be Southwest 1x daily to BWI and Frontier 1x weekly to MCO. Both of them will leave ISP, citing better opportunities elsewhere. Then the developers will swoop in, decommission the airport, and build a bunch of apartments.

And then the demise of ISP will be a case study in airport management classes at universities, how an airport went from bustling in the 1990’s with 30+ daily flights on several airlines to all airlines walking away and being shuttered 30 years later.


I’m thinking that if Boom’s Overture succeeds, we will see more competition on the supersonic travel market and companies will use supersonic aircraft instead of planes like the 777, A380, etc.

I’m not sure what will change in the short-haul aircraft, but maybe they will start running off of electricity or solar power 😳


Kinda gives Doncaster-Sheffield Airport vibes for here in the UK


Yeah, let’s hope!