On Flight Resume, lower the required altitude for piston & turboprop aircraft


Flight Resume currently has a criteria requiring an aircraft to be flying over 28,000 ft.

While 28,000 ft or higher is reasonable for jet cruising altitudes, most piston and turbo prop aircraft likely are cruising below 28,000 ft.

I suggest lowering the Flight Resume required altitudes to the following:

IF piston aircraft THEN altitude is 5,000 ft or higher

IF turbo prop aircraft THEN altitude is 10,000 ft or higher

The point of flight resume is to allow ultra-long-hauls, not give people flying a 1 hour hop a coffee break. Anyone flying a Cessna 172 should be able to execute their flight in one go. Admittedly, the Bombardier DHC-8-400 is a question mark, so I agree that the limit should be lowered to about 23000 feet, however, in multiplayer it’s too risky to allow people to just take off, get to 5000 feet, execute a resume and be in danger of spawning in the middle of a busy airspace at any moment.


I certainly agree for longer piston flights, sometimes you don’t have enough time, so this sounds nice.