On Final Call ATC

Hi I wanted to ask that I play infinite flight on iPhone 6 and while I am final and I am going to land in under 15 or 10 seconds I can’t tell the ATC that I am on final!! The option doesn’t appear even when I am cruising!! Please help me!!!

If they have cleared and/or sequenced you, they do not need to be told you are on final.


But if I have to tell the option doesn’t come

On unicom it is under “Report Position” #6. You may have to scroll down to see it depending on your device. You need to be in the air for it to show up.

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Thankyou very much

On Unicom you can use “on final” AFTER you announced being inbound. This is more of a reminder for the planes on the ground that you are on final.

If ATC is present, they will clear you for landing. After they clear you, there is no need to give a position report, they know you are there. Giving a full stop is more of a courtesy if you have been in a pattern to let ATC know you will be coming to a stop. But that is not required as the “cleared for the option” already includes clearance for a full stop.


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