On Final At London

Hi everyone I was flying on (Casual Server) I was on final at London and there was a f-22 beside me check this out it’s pretty cool.

Thank you for looking at my photos I hope you like it


Looks amazing!! Getting escorted is the best thing you can get on a flight!! 🤩


Thank you it’s cool right 😄👍🏽


Nice photos!

Btw, that must have been a loooong flight with the 737 ;)


I was flying from Amsterdam

Nice 👍 I love being escorted!

Nice shots!
But why did you have to fly a Comair 737 😫
Comair is an airline (franchise) that operates under BA’s name in South Africa…BA is all A32X in Europe

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Not for long ;). I’m really glad IAG ordered the MAX. Can’t wait to see BA’s livery on it.

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Awesome pics as always @Armani_B!

Really nice pictures! I like number 2 and as mentioned by @Edivan_dcds it is really good unless you muck up a landing.

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Same here, I’m all for diversification of fleets! I’m hoping they are based at Gatwick, with LHR all A32X because they are containerized.
Anyways this is OT

Cool pics @Armani_B! 😃👍🏻😄


Thank you very much 😄👍🏽

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