On-Board Cameras

My father landed into Riyah, Saudi Arabia yesterday on SV144, Saudi Airlines 777. (Footage below)

He just sent me this video from the in-seat camera. I love how a) smooth the landing was, but b) How impressive the camera footage is.

Have you ever flown with on-board cameras before? Any videos or stories to share?


Most large aircraft have them. I found it cool watching my a380 fly into Melbourne a few years back.


I did have a similar experience about the On-Board Camera features when I landed on HKG, It’s nice to see the sea before touch-downs. And a view of Chek Lap Kok is just stunning! I missed that moment! (Despite the rough landing, But it’s payed off with the stunning view!)

Despite it’s available on almost every big aircrafts, Some carriers opted to not use the On-Board Camera (i.e Singapore Airlines, Garuda Indonesia). Though it’s really awful that they don’t use the feature :/

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Qantas have them on the A380 tail which you can watch through the IFE

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I was once flying in an Airbus A321. It had nose gear camera and on that flight were about 20 passangers. My father and I were arguing wether the plane is going to land on the left or right runway. He had right


Who won? Don’t leave us hanging!!


Many aircraft now have them as it’s not hard to install on existing or new aircraft in addition to the original design. As you will know m any only have the nose gear view though for this reason. The aircraft with the full majestic view is the A380 and it seems like it was the first to have it but I’m not too sure.

I guess they just re-route the footage feed from the cockpit?

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My father. Then I was at the age of 8. He had a bit of knowledge in the aviation, because he is working for KLM. I saw it as a runway but it was a taxiway😅

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