On board Announcements and passenger. Cam

Dear friends

I have three Queries

I was wondering to enhance flying experience and to make feel more realistic -

  1. Can app developer also include onboard announcements like Captain Take off Message and landing instructions to crew or turbulence message.

  2. We have best of cams during flight - Can we also include Passenger view cam during flight

  3. is it possible to save your flight sometime u cant do proper landing as novice and can we retrieve from last position?
    Thanks Community


  1. For announcements and landing instructions/messages there are third party apps like IF Assistant and Infinite Passengers.

  2. For passenger cam view there are some A/C’s which have been updated with a cabin like the CL35, TBM and so on. You can manually move the interior drone 1 and 2 cam to position of your liking within the cabin. For now we have a limited amount of A/C with a cabin but in the future I’m sure they’ll all be update but it’ll take time.

  3. This is possible only through solo mode where you can go back 20 seconds and practise your landings.

I hope this answers all your queries.

You can vote here: Cabin Announcements

You can use the interior/ exterior drone cameras and position them inside the cabin

We already have Flight resume which is this exact feature…

To be fair to OP flight resume isn’t quite what they asked for. They want a way to save the state so you can reset back to that and keep doing the same landing over and over for practice. In which case tgey should just fly patterns or use the back 20 secs feature on solo, as something like that would never work on a live server.

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Yes exactly - Resume Feature is something different but i want to continue from where probably i crashed and wish to retrieve atleast last 20/30 seconds of flight

Yeah, you can in solo. But you can’t on alive server because you would interfere with other traffic.

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