On Android ..

With the recent update, first with Android so that’s the platform centric to my post, came many many enhancements, so I’d like to make a review on the forum.

Android platform has built in integration without going retro, what I mean is the whole idea behind a mobile platform is, well … mobile, so we have things like touchscreen and tilt rotate. Now as far as recording, social connecting and control alternatives … YouTube provides the video cloud and share platform, YouTube Gaming provides the live stream with audio and video capabilities and live session recording for upload to YouTube! Then there’s Google Games where different genres of entertainment and hobby apps have a central location for scoring XP points, Leaderboards, Achievements in whatever genre you participate in, for instance “Simulation” as well as profiles of others and their scores with ability to stay connected privately or in a group thru Hangouts voice and video, or Gmail, or Google Plus for social format. Now for the controls, you already have a built in joystick so to speak with axis sensors and 3 dimensional spatial awareness … Thru the use of Chromecast, your can throw your mobile screen onto your television or computer monitor with an HDMI input and then your device is now a joystick and your view, on my 50 inch screen is like looking out the windshield.

So there you go, complete state of the art aviation navigation and communication all thru one platform.
All the software is free and Chromecast is 35 bucks.

It’s called an EcoSystem, Microsoft has one, Apple has one … and Android has one.

Please feel free to elaborate or criticize.

When I said go retro I meant getting joysticks and keyboards.

Thank-you for letting me participate 😎

I’m not entirely sure that this is IF related…

I just don’t see how Infinite flight relates to this. Why did you NEED to post this, it seems like you are trying to advertise android.

Today’s format of posts, chats, texts, etc has created a unique reading environment whereas one literally scans. Scanning for particulat words and giving the pseudo ability to summarize, based on whether the whole context is agreeable, therefore is the reason I suggested reading it slower.

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You’re welcome to advertise, or help others with your particular platform, I wouldn’t criticize you or down the platform cause it’s different from mine. Think about it.

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I even premised the whole thing as a review of yesterday’s update on Android and seeing other ways of doing it that can be done, thereby giving someone choices, seamless choices that only mean something to them. If you’d like to argue, or go all fanboy on the conversation then you’re in the wrong conversation. When I said criticize I meant any particular point I’m wrong about or doesn’t work.

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This is promotional in nature. You are advocating and promoting android by showing all the features, many of which don’t have to do with Infinite Flight. Just because IF is supported on android doesn’t mean you can branch out and talk about features unrelated.

This is an example as it is not related to IF

I posted it because I wanted to, thought and still think it’s important and to get ideas and share and all of the things social forums are about!

This is an IF forum. This has little to do with Infinite Flight. You can’t just post things because you want to…

Infinite Flight is a Simulator! I see where your position is, you’re upset about the mention of game, well … If that’s all you got out of the post I understand your response.

I’m sorry, I just don’t see how this is relevant. This is promotional and therefore spam.

It’s okay. Please feel free to ask me what you’re confused about and I’ll do my best to respond

@Carson @Thomas_Galvin

I believe he is explaining how Android’s software helps him enjoy IF more. A lot of it rubs off as an ad for Android, but that’s not the point of him posting


Can someone please explain to me how this is not promoting android.

Not everyone has the ability to purchase keyboards and joysticks for their mobile device, most everyone had WiFi and a television, for using the suggestions above one COULD again that level without so much money.

For instance, with my device, which because of the tone of the conversation I’ll withhold, a keyboard works cost $130
joysticks supported so far from $50 to $300 …

The options I listed, $35

I read it thoroughly I can assure you, I take it as advertisement. You could mean it to be how you use it for IF, whatever the case is it isn’t for me to decide if it is or not. If an admin sees this as irrelevant or whatever, they will take it down, if they don’t, fine by me. I appreciate that you didn’t burst out immaturely.


Well, sir. If that what you think I am … A spammer or a Android fanboy, you have truly misjudged the while thing, including me. I am so sure that Apple has the same capabilities to cast your mobile screen onto TV and a social integration for others doing the same thing, as well as Microsoft. That’s the point. I spoke only of Android because as of yet Android was issued the update, even if multiple platforms were released all at once I would still speak about my experience with my device and hopefully someone else with the same outfit can benefit.

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