OMNI Air International Bought

OMNI Air International has been bought by ATSG. This means the cargo airline has added more 767s to its fleet and a new aircraft, the 777. This purchase set ATSG back $845 Million. What are your thougts on this?


Any more expansion is good, glad their getting a makeover with the 777!

Omni is a charter company not a cargo company 🤔

Wait so does that mean all of Omni Air’s aircraft will be converted to cargo?! If so then I will be sad, because it would be cool to see a passenger 767-200 in a modern livery…

Is the livery going to change?

No Omni holds a DOD contract

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They are in charge of bringing the us army to Beirut and different places I don’t think that’s going to change probably do cargo on there 767 in the winter because they don’t really have a use for it it’s used in the summer mostly don’t know about there other 777-200

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