Omni Air International and extra airlines



Sounds wired but I have never seen Omani air once in my life

Same here! I have never spotted an Omni Air International aircraft ever.

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First time I ever seen it too.

Me too never ! It looks weird

It was headed to Seattle from Orlando. Maybe from Seattle?

They are a charter airline based in the US. I always thought it was an Asian company.

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Omni introduced twin engine ETOPS operations in 2003 with the addition of the B757-200ER

Killing me…

Anyways, only scheduled flights it seems they offer are when they are chartered out to fly for an airline. Last summer, they flew BOS-DUB daily with a 767-200ER.

I’ve actually rode on an Omni Air flight, twice to be exact!


Was it a good flight? How is it like inside the plane?

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Its like any other airline company, it’s just a charter flight. Still have flight attendents, meals, movies, etc.

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Saw one this morning while I was working at naval air station North island. 777-200

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Eleven planes ‘only’ …

Saw it once in YVR, that’s it

its now flying to Vancouver YVR landing approx at 16h00. probably running westjet passengers from Gatewick.

I thought it was middle eastern!

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Is it just me or Omni’s font on Infinite Flight is different with the real one?