Omni Air 767-200 diversion to Manchester, NH

Today, I went to Signature FBO, due to the fact that I had a job interview again today for Signature FBO (I didn’t get the job first time I went). Unannounced, they told me that they were receiving a diversion from Omni Air from Shannon, Ireland.

The people at Signature was so nice they let me into the Flight Planning room where it had a great view of the ramp.

This 762 was originally supposed to go to Bangor, Maine. I was so lucky to see this unexpected diversion :)


What a nice look airplane.

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The 762 is a pretty scarce plane nowadays, it must’ve been cool to see one! Also, good luck on getting hired at Signature FBO!


Took video of it landing and taxiing into the Ramp


Why did she divert

We’re having a Nor’easter, and so it’s snowing heavily in Maine right now, but it’s only raining here.


This is great news! This is the second time Omni Air International has arrived into Manchester Boston airport. Yep, it came from Shannon airport. Since I live in the middle of Ireland, this same aircraft woke me up as it approached and flew right above my house bound towards Shannon. The sound was beautiful. The 767 made a whistling sound as it flew right above my house. 👇

Secondly, Have that in mind that this aircraft did not divert into KMHT. This was a system mistake as the Flightradar24 did not recognise any diversion. There is no diverting pattern as seen from the image below. This straight flight path states it all. 👇


Actually, when I was there, they did say it was a diversion, as it was a 15 minute notice that it was coming in, and they had to frantically get the staff outside to meet the airplane.

I was at Signature when it came in and they said it was a diversion

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Wouldn’t be a New England Spring without one haha.

Anyway, nice shot. I’ve seen the 762 a few times. Little stubby widebody. It’s cute. 😂


What is the origin of this almost unknown airline?

Shannon, Ireland.


what was the cause of this

Ohhh finally I know that, first I thought it’s American and then I thought it’s from Oman

I thought you were asking where this aircraft diverted from, sorry.

It’s an American airline that does charter flights, usually for the military.


Ohh lol… You must agree with me that it’s very easy to get confused about it’s origin

Wow…the 767-200 is a very nice plane. Stubby, practical, and not used so much for PAX anymore. Although it has a strong foundation for cargo and military, and as a matter of fact, I just saw one on approach for Amerijet.

Overall, great photo 👍

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Wow never seen one of those before! Quite rare now!

Happy flying!

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A friend of mine flies this airplane for the same company

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Actually not true. The FIRST time was when Omni Air International Sent a Boeing 777-200ER into MHT, which is different. We’ve gotten Omni Air three times as far as I am aware. They sent a 767-200ER to MHT last year August 2018, which can be seen here

My picture, taken on 8-5-2018

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OMNI Air does a lot of military charter flights, I’ve flown them a couple times, on one occasion we departed Cherry Point, US, stopped in Bangor, US then in Ramstein, Germany and finally in Kuwait City! On Another ocassion we originated in Kuwait City, Kuwait stopped in Shannon, Ireland and arrived at our final destination Cherry Point, US!