Omni Air 757

Omni Air International Boeing 757

I love the Omni livery, and the airline itself. I think adding one of its historical aircraft into the game would be really nice. It would allow for more charter liveries, as we don’t have many at this point.

Omni had two liveries on their 757. The Evo-White (old livery) and the Red Tail (New Livery)

Evo-White | N369AX

Now D-ALEV under DHL

Image Link

Red Tail | N639AX

Now N963FD under FedEx

Image Link

I hope these get added, enjoy the rest of your day!

This seems like a cool livery! I’ll cast the first vote 😁


Saw both of these in Honolulu!


Lets get some more chat going.

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I cant remember the last time a new 757 livery was added. Its always 787 9 or A320 family