Omg it's lax @ KLAX

I have a lack of creative titles, but I’m excited to present my first KLAX spotting topic! It took awhile to get here and oh boy is it a fun and action filled airport to spot at!

I arrived at Clutters Park with a dead battery (that I charged the morning of) and no spare battery, so I unfortunately missed an Air Tahiti Nui 789 and Southern Air 77L. I stopped by a donut shop which had wall outlets to charge my battery (thanks donut shop for coming in clutch) before returning back.

I got to meet the creator of “Airline Videos” which I’m sure you’ve all seen one of his videos or livestreams! He was out doing a livestream. 4:12:00 into this one is when I started spotting a few feet away lol.

Arriving on deck with a 762F MAS Cargo on the rotate!

One of the cleanest liveries out there!

Why not some Kalitta love? I love these 744’s!

A brand new AK Max 9 headed out to Sea-Tac.

Shot at LAX, but ANC style. A wicked 25L departure with an early rotation.


Just for context, Kamryn and I were supposed to meet up on Saturday.

It didn’t happen because he spent too much time eating lunch. How do you spend two hours at RED LOBSTER, seriously.



I have a few concerns


Amazing shots! Honestly really like Kalitta’s new livery.



how did you edit them this fast

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it’s called pulling an overnighter

I honestly have no clue, biscuits were good atleast

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He just uses the auto button in lightroom

ironically i use andrew’s photography guide that he made decades ago, now all the settings are implanted into my brain

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Anyone wanna see Kamryn get absolutely obliterated tho @Aviation108


You complain about the lack of variety, yet when given the opportunity to spot at one of the most diverse airports in the world, you get 10 shots of 5 planes, 2 of them getting 3 shots each.

This is why Vegas doesn’t deserve more widebodies or a more diverse set of planes coming in.


my bad for not having a lot of time for plane spotting, ton of cancelled flights too lol

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I smell excuses.

@Kirito_77 I must be dreaming
No cut-off wings!


Probably wasn’t him taking the shots then.

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plot twist: it was me


plot twist: i am thunderbolt


plot twist: careful what you wish for

Nice photos, Kamryn. Come to SFO asap as possible.

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30 seconds until he mini-mods something.