Omg heavies @ KIAD

Hola everyone, como estas? Today I finally bring you photos of heavies. As is consistent with my last few topics, horrible clouds were present in my photos. making the lighting horrible. I somewhat recovered the photos, but the backgrounds are extremely bleak. Anyways, after a flight lesson on Saturday, I stopped by the Udvar Hazy Museum at Dulles to catch some business jets, and heavies. I saw a Lufthansa A332, a KLM A332, and a Qatar 773. Lufthansa didn’t turn out well due to its mainly eurowhite 🤢livery. Anyways, enjoy the photos.

Feeling like @Infinite_Qantas with all the KLM and horrible clouds jk <3

Next up is a sweet Challenger 300 in a sweet livery arriving from Hyannis

Up next is the Qatar 773 arriving on 1R from Doha

Lastly, we have a sexy Learjet 60 gliding down to 1R

Thats all for today, though I have some more photos from Dulles which I’ll post sometime. Anyways, see ya later :)

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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Nice photos!

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Great shots, can’t wait to see more Reagan tho 👀

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Europe at its best

good shots though!

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Thanks :)

Once the temperature gets above 35°F and the sun actually comes out from behind the monotonous clouds, I might go back down


Thanks F- InfiniteQantas :)


Bien, y tú?

Cool photos tho :D

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Im well, and thanks :)

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pollo 👍

Nice photos

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Where crop? … jk …

Awesome catches, I love this one! Although it looks like KLM decided to bring some of their weather over to you… How generous… 🥴

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Awesome photos! The KLM livery looks surprisingly good in bad weather. Great job!

Heh, one of the best livery trends of the modern era. Cheatline, hockeystick, etc. just looks old and barely any airlines make it work, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines being some of the few to actually make them work. Just my opinion. Going to get backlash for it for sure..

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I’ll come back up to KIAD in the summer time hopefully. I got freinds and family there.

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Thanks! I was definitely surprised when KLM didn’t end up looking like 💩

I kinda agree with you here. I think Corsair also kinda pulls it off, though they don’t fly to Dulles :(

Nice, they certainly know where the best airports are


It’s either bad crop or super pixels, you choose

And yeah, IQ decided to send me a bit of the Dutch experience ✨✨✨


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Ah, fair enough. Amazing shot nevertheless! The clouds add a nice contrast for sure.

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