Omg c130 @ KDCA

Who doesn't remember to edit photos? This guy. Anyways, since I spent ~3-4 hours at DCA last Monday, I figured I should edit my pics, so I did. The special occasion was the Hurricane Awareness Tour presented by NOAA, which stands for... National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They basically monitor big storms and collect data on them. Anyways, @Its_Zee so kindly tipped me off about NOAA sending a G-IV, P-3, and B350 to DCA, and so I biked down as per usual, and met a bunch of DCA Instagram spotters. DCA also had a stacked line-up of special liveries, which was cool. Another semi-unexpected arrival was a USAF Hurricane Hunter C-130, that the USAF sent to collaborate with NOAA. It wasn't cloudy, which was both good and bad. Anyways, enjoy.

Starting us off is an ok edit of this CB 737

A Republic House livery E175 arriving from LGA probably

One of Delta’s many daily flights from Atlanta to DC

Some clouds showed up in the background

The first special to arrive, JetBlue’s Inspiring Humanity. I still don’t understand the purpose of this livery

A sexy A321N sporting the AA colors showing off its amazing engines

The star of the topic, a USAF Hurricane Hunter arriving from Keesler AFB, Mississippi. The sun sorta took a crap on us all, and no full disc because I’m not that skilled

That’s it for this topic, the NOAA aircraft will be coming in the next topic. I hope you enjoyed, see ya.

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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Amazing A321N shot. Love that plane.

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As do I! The engines look great

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Wow that c130 should have gone do ADW

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Ooh nice C130, been inside of 96-5301 here when it came here once, those hurricane hunters really look cool.


Yeah, I agree. If you look at the C-130’s radar, it flew in from Mississippi and then left DCA for JFK a few days later. Attached is the link to its radar track.

ADS-B Exchange - tracking 0 aircraft (

C-130 looking so legit. Love the shots

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Not really. It was here at DCA for the Hurricane Awareness Tour.

Sweet! Thanks



Nice shots, lucky you with that C130! Congrats :)


Indeed! Thanks

Loving the A321 American Shots!


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Damn I love this pics. especially the C-130 is the best



I live in the KDCA area to. Where do you go to get these amazing shots?

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These photos were taken from the marina at Daingerfield Island. Thanks!


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