Omega 707 Tanker

If we were ever to have air to air refueling or just for aircraft sake having the B707 Omega tanker.

Credits to Google


I’d like to see an original turbojet 707. 🙂

I prefer the civilian version.

@Boeing707 would be happy lol.

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1 please, oh and with wing flex and that cool Grey

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I’m sad there is no mustaches on this aircraft. But again if Air to Air refueling was a thing this would be a nice livery to have.

Bringing this back up lol be this aircraft see it almost every morning from my office would love to see it In the sim

How great it is to hear it is still flying!

Is it because of all the new military plane threads.

Well I seen the kc-135 tanker thread and made me think I see the 707 all the time land or do a touch and go and it’s quite amazing to hear them engines scream as they come back to take off speed and climb out past our area

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Ok then nice to know

Funny how the community talks down the concorde but begs for a useless outdated tanker…
I’m out

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I love that people want to add tanker when we have no fueling needs, period. And certainly no in air refueling needs as of now.

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But even without refueling needs…this would still be a neat aircraft to fly just because why not.