OMDB-VMMC With an EK 777-300ER

Here’s my flight leaving the east coast of the UAE to Macau!

Server: Expert
Route: DXB-MFM,
Aircraft, other info: Boeing 777-300ER(emirates), step climbing to FL280 at v/s 2k ft/m, roughly 380
PAX onboard with full cargo, ETE to dest is 6 1/2 - 7 hrs,


Nice shots there! Like the window shot

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The best view 🔊

Really nice shots ! I love the first one !

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Update, Macao is a really nice airport! fun and calm place to fly into! also saw @SeanAviation there last night with a Jetstar 787.

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Yeah, I saw you there too, I wanted to visit all of the featured airports before heading to Melbourne.