OMDB - VIDP / SpiceJet (B739)

Delhi to Dubai by SpiceJet in Boeing 737-900

Flight Information

✈️ ⏰: 3 hours approx

At terminal in OMDB


Take-off from Runway 12R

Leaving Dubai airspace

Flying over Pakistan

Turning Final for Runway 28

Arriving to VIDP

At Gate in VIDP

Thank you, Much Love & Peace ✌❤


I don’t know if SpiceJet fly to New Delhi from Dubai, but anyways, nice shots. Maybe one day, I will fly SpiceJet to India like across India

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Yup it does!! 😊

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Nice pictures!

Lovely pics👍

lovely pictures i shall try this route :)

Picture 4 is SO CLEAN. Very nice photos!

Spicy shots, well done!