OMDB~OMDW Etihad Air Cargo A330-200F

//🛩Etihad Air Cargo Airbus A330-200F

//🛫🇦🇪OMDB Dubai International
//🛬🇦🇪OMDW Al Maktoum International

//Free Flight • Casual Server


Definitely have not seen one of these in a long while!

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Sorry, not to minimod but that square in the plane (1st photo) is game UI which is not allowed in the screenshots and video category.


Oh Thanks :)

That’s a bug, and not everyone knows how to get around it. It’s not part of the game UI. Unless a new rule has come around in the last little bit, It’s fine for it to be in the photos.

Cool shots @Happymiata09 nice aircraft choice too, don’t see this one very often!


Nice pictures bro,amazing,good job,you can more and more !! 🙂

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I was curious so I looked it up and this was the most recently posted topic.
4years ago…lol

Oh, so it’s a bug, strange. I’m pretty shure it’s a setting, and that it can be fixed with the hide airplane dots setting… but idk at all

You’re talking about the square in the corner of the image, right? The square in the top left an issue with something related to the live time, and the screenshot button in replay. It can’t be turned off.

The square that can be turned off marks other aircraft in the sky with a small white dot/square.

No it’s not that.

I mean the white square. It has been removed, the photo is no longer there. But it (was) a square which indicates where the plane is. The photo has been removed tho.

I meant this

The photo has been removed.

Oh, that’s on me then, guess I should checked the time of your reply, my mistake🤷‍♂️
Carry on then

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It was such a nice shot tho :(

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