OMDB-KJFK 0300ZULU (May 26)

Server: Training

Region: Dubai

Airport: OMDB

Time: 0300

NOTAM: We wil be doing a long haul flight from Dubai to JFK international. The only available airline you can take is Emirates Airlines in any aircraft. If you wish to be ATC please notify me via DM(be professional). To all pilot so please listen to ATC instructions and do not go through each other. Hope to see you there.

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Is this an event? The post it not clear enough

Edit: Ah, now I see the event category.

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The post is pretty clear.

…which is why I posted that I see the event tag

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0300Z on May 26… Hasn’t that already passed? Correct me if I’m wrong…


Oh srry about that. I never read that.

No that hasn’t passed it is at 10:00pm tonight CDT.

Actually, it was roughly 18 hours ago

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Well then it’s not 0300Z.

18 hours and 42 minutes I’ll have you know! ;)

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What do you mean I am so lost now.

Please read this, it is very simple to follow. You have been on the forum for long enough to know this rule and how to post in the events category.

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Closed as topic is messy