OMDB FNF | IFATC | Time lapse |

Dubai FNF

Hello community, I would like to share my latest time lapse taken on 1Jan 2021 with the community.
I hope you enjoy


Ground and Atis





Unable to see during session 🥺


Nice video :)

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Great work! I love watching these videos, especially when there is a constant flow of traffic.

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Awesome Clip! Thanks for sharing :) Some close calls there between arrivals and departures O.o

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Nice video I like it

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Great stuff. I flew out of OMDB the previous day haha.

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It was really fun controlling Ground at OMDB yesterday. Cool Time Lapse!

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Lol yes…still there were waiting times upto 40 min😮
and Thanks guys

Love it @Sakshibeedu
I wasn’t there but keep it up👍

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Really nice video!

Thank you😁