OMDB Flight restriction

Hello! I was planning to fly from CYVR to OMDB and it says theres a flight restriction due to a event. Will I get ghosted for flying there?

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Hey! If you click on the TFR (inside the red circle) what does the information box say?

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I think it’s for the event Thursday but you should be good for now.

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I think it’s the TFR for Thursday! You can’t fly from OMDB to OTHH!

But you will be fine

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Oh okay! Thanks for clearing things up. :)


Thank u so much. I was so confused

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Most of the time, the TFR will be “no local flying” which basically means don’t fly form an airport in that circle to another airport in the same circle. You will be fine.

There will be a event the TFR is for Thursday’s event.

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Can I participate in the event with them?

Absolutely, check out the thread below:


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