Omar Alqinneh’s Radar ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello Friends!

In a couple of days I’ll begin my radar journey, and I’ll need some experience, I’ll use this wonderful opportunity to get used to the new features!
I’ll list a couple of notes that you’ll need to follow:

  • Follow instructions at all times.

  • You can either take off from the airport, or you can be an inbound.

  • After taking off, make sure that you’ll tune into approach.

  • You can either request an ILS or a Visual Approach.

  • If you over shoot the localizer or the glide slope, call a missed approach.
    Terrain separation: aircraft must be provided with at least 1000ft AGL (above ground level) terrain clearance at all times.
    Aircraft separation: aircraft must be no closer than 3nm laterally or 1000ft vertically at all times.

  • Feedback should be organized, it will make it much easier for me :).

  • Have fun!

(I got a permission from Tyler to open at the training server)

If you are free, feel free to stop by, it’s really appreciated!

Thanks for reading!


Can’t wait to see you controlling radar too!

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Thanks, if you are able to come to do a couple of patterns, it’ll be highly appreciated:).

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When and where

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OJAI, Training server :). @Pajd02

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Nice man I will fly in from the Palestinian airport, I forgot the name of it though

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You can fly in from OJAM if you want.

hahaha man it seems weird seeing you have a tracking thread

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I’ll open in 20 minutes at OJAI, I’ll need at least 2 pilots, if you’re able to come please do, it’s appreciated.

I’ll be there

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One more?

I am opening, make sure to come!

I opened again at OJAI!

Opening in 30 minutes!

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