OmanAir Empire 175

OmanAir Empire 175.

I hope to see it soon in the next updates…
e175_1 e175_2 a4o-ea-oman-air-embraer-erj-175ar-erj-170-200-igw_PlanespottersNet_606435_8b6ff5e47f_280

Wait but their 787 is already in the game

This livery is already in the game on the 787-8. If you are requesting a specific variant, please specify in the title.
Have a good one :)

I’m sorry… wait i’ll change …

Ooo, now it’s changed to an E175, pretty cool plane ngl

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Yeah, love the livery. I probably should’ve added this but only one picture is allowed per feature request. I hope to see it when we get an E-Jet rework.


Hello! Cool idea. This has been closed as it doesn’t follow the category rules. Thanks!